Why Deny Health Care for Hundreds of Thousands of West Virginians?

PreexistingI am concerned that West Virginia’s Attorney General has signed onto a federal lawsuit to deny coverage for hundreds of thousands of West Virginians by eliminating preexisting conditions from coverage. What is the rational basis for taking away health care for so many men, women and children?

In simple language, private insurance companies would no longer be required to insure persons with a whole host of preexisting conditions including many that we find in nearly 740,000 West Virginians including diabetes, asthma, COPD, emphysema, mental health disorders, and a whole host of others. And if you’re a woman, insurance coverage could be denied for pregnancies meaning that in West Virginia 28,000 pregnancies a year would be denied coverage.

Twenty five years ago, when I started my business, I was denied insurance coverage for a preexisting condition. I was uninsured for five years…a scary time and one in which I rarely went to the doctor.

This federal lawsuit will have huge implications for the residents of our state. Denying coverage because a person has a preexisting condition is cruel and denying coverage for those in our workforce will cause many to struggle to meet their daily obligations.

As your Senator I will work to ensure that there are no state actions taken to further weaken access to health care for our residents. I hope you will join my campaign to win back the State Senate seat in the 17th district…and in doing so we can make sure that all West Virginians continue to have access to their vital health care services.

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  • Terrell Ellis