Join Us in Charting a New Course for West Virginia

Thank you for your support of my Senate campaign. It’s because of people like you that I’m anxious to serve not just the residents of the 17th district but all West Virginians. We have such great potential as a state and our current legislative leadership is not focused on the issues that will move us forward.

We must strive for:

  • an education system that challenges our students, improves student outcomes and supports our teachers…education is the key to our economic success;
  • a workforce development system that is seamless and addresses the needs of our employers;
    investments in small businesses, innovation, and commercialization that result in sustainable job growth;
  • protection of our water quality and natural resources; and
    healthcare for all our citizens.

After a decisive primary win in May, we have spent the summer organizing for success in November. This requires that we get out our message with as much voter contact as possible. We have a goal of knocking on 15,000 doors. I’m really proud to report that we have over 200 volunteers representing building and construction trades, teachers, school service personnel, retirees, professionals, and many others who have committed to help me! This is a huge effort and we can always use more volunteers.

Our greatest challenge is fundraising and quite frankly this is where I really need your help. If you made a contribution in the primary, I am asking that you consider matching or exceeding that contribution for the general election. If not, please donate now! This can be done very easily by logging onto or by mailing a check to: Terrell Ellis 4 WV, 707 Virginia Street, East, Suite 300, Charleston, WV 25301.

Please join me in charting a new course for West Virginia…we would love to have your volunteer support, financial assistance, and willingness to share my message. With hard work we can win, and I’m glad to know that you’re with me!

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